Faith Based Counseling

Healing Grace is meant to be a faith-based practice which models our diverse Christian community by making sure we have an ecumenical group of therapists. This means we have providers from all Christian denominations including Evangelical and Mainline Protestants and Catholic. Tammy believes it is important to model how, while Christians can differ in minor points of belief, we all see the Healing Grace of God at work through the life of Jesus and all of us called into this practice.   

We are not meant to replace pastors or ministers in one’s local church. Our goal is not to recruit or convert to our form of Christianity. We do not utilize Bible scriptures in counseling as we are not  “Biblical counselors.” We are open to incorporating each person’s Biblical understanding as they bring to their sessions their concerns.  


“As a faith based mental health center, Healing Grace counselors hope to help people access their spiritual awareness as part of the healing process. Our goal is not to take our faith to anyone, but to help each person discover his or her own. We believe that utilizing a balanced spirituality aids in the healing of all mental health and relationship issues. We also respect those who do not subscribe to any faith tradition.”

Tammy Jackson, M.S., M. Div., Licensed Psychologist & Founder